Four Important Keys In A Relationship 

When it comes to relationships there are some things both guys and girls ask themselves, “what should I do in a relationship?” “What are things that I should do to make the other one feel special?” “How do I show them I love them?” Well we are going to tell you four important things you should do and make priority in you’re relationship.

1. Always focus on Jesus

If Jesus isn’t your main focus, then what is? What’s the point of your relationship, if your not going to focus on Christ? That should be the thing, you should allow Him to be your focus. Not sex, not your partner, nor any other thing, it should always be centered around Jesus. When your focus isn’t on Him, that’s when everything else falls apart.

2. Show that you care

Show that you really care about the other person. No, I’m not talking about having sex, or just buying them gifts. It’s the little things. Such as: saying I love you, or sending goodnight and good morning texts to each other. Or just being there for the other person, even through theirs & your worst times. It’s the little things that proves to the other person that you care.

3. Let The Guy Lead

Girls, let the guy lead. That’s his job in the relationship. Adam was created to lead Eve. It didn’t say Eve was created to lead the relationship. Because that’s the guys jobs, not ours. We as girls are supposed to let the guy lead us and pursue us. Not the other way around. Don’t take away what your boyfriend was created to do in the relationship, and that is lead.

4. Be There

When you sense that your boyfriend or girlfriend is depressed, sad, mad, or just not doing well. Don’t hesitate to call them. No matter what hour it is, it’s worth the lose of sleep, to just be there for them. Read the Bible with them, pray with them, let them vent, sing to them, or just sit in the silence while you’re on the phone line with them. Just be there. Most likely just knowing you are on the other end of the phone means a lot. Knowing that you are there is just a wonderful thing to know. So just let them know you love them, that they are wanted, and needed.

Relationships take a lot of effort from both of you, and you always have to let Christ lead, or things won’t turn out so great. Being able to focus on Christ, being there for the other person, showing that you care, and allowing the giy to be the head of the relationship is just 4 of the many things to do in a relationship.
<3, Unashamed Couple


One thought on “Four Important Keys In A Relationship 

  1. Some great points of advice. On the “being there” point. My wife has had a lot of health problems & I dunno how many times I’ve sat at the hospital all night with her over the past 19 years but I wouldn’t have it any other way. In sickness or health I’ll always be there for her.

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