We get so caught up in how we see us, that we think Christ sees us the same way. When that is not true. Christ was there watching God create us. God doesn’t make worthless things.

If we were worthless, then we wouldn’t be the dominant species. God would had made another species as dominant. Yet, He made us as the main species, to rule over all animals. Yes, we do have that sinful side of us. However, that’s the part we leave here on this Earth. Our souls are the ones that belong to God. It’s what makes us connected to Christ. That’s what separates us from our sinful nature.

We know that God owes us nothing, we know that. However, it’s not about that. It’s about God’s love to us, it’s about Jesus dying for us so we can have freedom. That’s the thing we should focus on, is what Christ did for us rather than what we have to offer. Don’t look at yourself as if you don’t have any worth, because that Jesus guy didn’t die for no reason. Find your worth in that, find your worth through His sacrifice.

– Unashamed Couple 💙


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