Grace IS ENOUGH (Happy New Year!)


Grace is enough. Read those words again, and read them slowly. Then say them like you mean them. “Grace is enough.” Now better yet, I want you to say, “His grace is enough.”

I feel like we as humans (including Christians) put so many restrictions & rules on grace. I hear so many pastors, speakers, and just people in general talking about how grace is so beautiful and amazing… but, don’t sin too much or grace won’t cover it. Don’t sin because Gods wrath will come down on you. Grace only runs, grows, goes, and saves so far. It doesn’t reach the too far gone. You wanna know something? That’s a lie.

“What?!” I can almost see you reading this shocked. But what I just said is true. When people make out grace like it has restrictions, and rules, that is a lie. Grace knows no end. And because of grace too far gone, isn’t a thing. Hard to believe? Seem to good to be true? Well I can honestly say this without a shadow of a doubt, it’s TRUE.

We as humans have taken what God has created, and said, and twisted it into this thing that is so far from what it was meant & created to be. Everything He created has a beautiful purpose. Including you.

Don’t listen to the lies people will feed you and say. You may not be perfect, but you are perfectly, imperfect. You may be a mess, but you are His beautiful mess. You were created to do so much good. You are worth it, made worthy, by the blood of Jesus. Love and grace are unconditional and beautiful. They know no end. Because they all come from Him. You are never too far gone. If you were, and if He knew you couldn’t be saved & made worthy, why would He send His Son to die for you? If it wouldn’t work, and if grace had restrictions, why even try? But here is where it all makes sense: it did work! It can work! It will work.

There is your billboard that you have been waiting to see. The words you’ve so desperately been waiting for. Look to the cross, and it is all there. That’s where you see grace knows no end. Love is actually unconditional. And all the other things you’ve heard about restrictions & rules on grace & unconditional love, become lies.

It has always been this beautiful. It has always been this amazing. We have just listened to what a human has told us, relied on them to tell us these things. Instead of going to the one who demonstrates it DAILY. 

When we have questions we can always find the answers… in Jesus. Go to Him, read Gods word, open your heart, soul, and mind & read His word when you have questions. Always fix your eyes on Him. Cause when you do that, you truly do get your answers when you sometimes don’t ask. And you feel beautiful/handsome daily. When you keep your heart open & listen to His voice, and remember daily: Grace is enough. His grace is enough.

Lastly, I would like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!🎉 I hope it is beautiful and amazing! And Everything you ever dreamed of! I hope you carry this truth of what & how grace truly is into the New Year and on into forever.

Xoxo, Unashamed Couple 💙


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