What if I told you that you have been pursued since the day you took your first breath? What if I told you that the One who pursued and pursues you daily, is the same One who created you and knit you together; piece by piece. What if I told you that when you were messed up, stressed out, felt left out, felt like a mess that He pursued you and loved you even then. How would you feel if you knew someone actually loved you and pursued you the way your heart desperately aches and desired to be. Because i can tell you right now … someone has pursued you, has loved you, has chased after you since you took your first breath.

Ladies and gentleman, someone loves you. Someone has never left you. Someone has always been there when no one else has. His name? God. God has always been there. He has always been holding you, protecting you, loving you, being patient with you. He’s always been there and never will He leave. That’s His promise.

We struggle with feeling alone. We want someone to be physically near close to reach out and touch. We want someone to be visibly here for us to see that they are real. It’s hard for us to learn that just because someone is in front of us, and easy for us to take their hand, that they won’t always be there for us, during the worst of times. But it’s true. People, humans, will falls us. They leave us when we need someone around. They leave us when we’re not so fun to be around. They will leave us when it’s not so pretty. They will leave when you get into a big argument. They will leave when they just get tired of you. And husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends are the same way. They will fail you and some will leave you. That is what we all like to call: life.

So let me spell this out: we all need something that doesn’t come from this earth to find that comfort and someone who will never leave us nor forsake us. Always love us, pursue us, and be there for us. And guess what? It exists. What our souls crave and need. What our hearts so desperately want and need. We can find all of that in one being. We find it in God.

So how do you get Him? How do you get close to Him? Start chasing Him. Stop chasing boys, girls, friends, and your flesh’s desires. Stop all of that. And start chasing God.

You want to be loved? Run to God. You want peace of mind? Run to God. You want to feel beautiful/handsome? Run to God. You want to be made new? Run to God. You want to never be left alone? Run to God. You want to be free? Run to God. Stop looking for the things your soul and heart deeply desired in worldly things. In other words: stop looking for God in things that exist on earth. You won’t find it. I promise you, you won’t. Because who here on earth will sacrifice their son to save the human race? Who here on earth will love you at your darkest and dirties and still call you theirs? Who will call you beautiful/ handsome, always & forever made his, here on earth? I’ll tell you who: no one. No earthly being will do that. Only God will. And He did.

So to both guys and girls: you want to feel beautiful/handsome, made whole, known by someone, always called loved & adored? Then run to God. Chase Him. Take off running to His throne. You’ll find all your heart and soul is longing for in Him. You will get filled up and your cup will run over. God is that amazing. And remember, no guy, or girl, will love you and make you feel beautiful/handsome, like God will. Your His forever & always for a reason. So never stop seeking Him or chasing Him. He has always pursued us. So why don’t we start pursuing Him and putting Him first.

Xoxo, Unashamed Couple 💜


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