Be Love {Happy Valentine’s Day!}


Everyone seems to be so caught up in their singleness on Valentine’s Day. Because people all around them seem to be in a relationship and they’ve all got plans for today. And you are just sad and down about it. Trust me I know what it feels like. I’ve been single to. I haven’t forgotten the heartache. But what if everyone of us, who’ve ever been single on Valentine’s Day, has got it wrong? What if there is a more meaningful reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day? What if theirs another reason to celebrate love everyday, than it just be because you’ve got a significant other?

Jesus, our Savior, died for us. Why? Because He loved us. Jesus loved us, and acted on His love, and died on the cross to save us. Love is why we are here. Love is everything. It’s worth the fight, it’s worth the tears, it’s worth losing your mind. Love is worth so much. Because love, is how our souls are alive. It’s how we are breathing right now. Love is worth … everything.

So on this Valentine’s Day, both singles, and people in relationships, let’s show love today, and everyday after that. Let’s keep it going until we die. Lets make it about Jesus? Let’s let Him just let Him lavish us in His love, and we spread it around. Lets show grace today. Lets love others today. Lets shine our light brighter than ever before starting now on the day dedicated to love, and on into the rest of our lives. Because this love is what every soul craves to see. It’s how every heart wants to be loved. This love changes everything. This is the love everyone has been waiting to taste and feel. So why not on this Valentine’s Day we show the world what it means to love? When we walk into the room let’s be like, look like love. Like we were born, created, made to do.

Happy Valnetines Day!!

-Unashamed Couple


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