Loving Evil?

A question I have been recently pondering here lately, and have been asked before, should we show love and grace to satan? In The Bible, it tells us that we should love our enemies, bless those that hurt you. Should we say the same thing about the king of all evil? Let’s take a look.

Matthew 5:44 says that Jesus clearly states that we should love all of our enemies. It doesn’t matter on what they have done to you, you should show love and grace towards them like Christ did us. Because if we aren’t a light to them, than who else is going to be? In doing this, it also pleases God. Showing God’s love through ourselves is what God has called us to do, and will continue to call us to love until the end. Our love should be a light to others, we should have no hate in our hearts towards anyone.

The best ability we have inside of is to love, and if we aren’t using that, then we aren’t doing this Christian thing right. It is our duty, the number one command, to love others. It’s what Christ has called us to do, that’s why they call us Christians, Christ Followers, Children of God. So does this same measure qualifies for Satan? No, and here’s why.

It clearly states in Romans 12 that we should love all good and hate all evil. Jesus even says this himself in John 3. We should not show any love whatsoever towards the fallen angel, as he is the definition of evil. It’s him that has created this evilness, and loving him would lead to destruction. God has shown the destruction of loving evilness will cause throughout The Bible. In ways with Paul, Lot’s wife, and so much more. The thing is that satan equals evil. He is the master of all that is, was, and what will remain evil until Jesus comes back and saves the day.

We always should hate all evil, to love everything that is good and pure. We shouldn’t have a buddy relationship with the spirit that is wanting to destroy us, we should be clinging on to The One whose building us up righteously.

So should we love him? No. The love that God’s gave you is meant to be used for Him and His creation. This is what is holy and good, cling to that. Not evil.

Unashamed Couple 💜


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