Sex {truth, lies, & hope}

So from the title you are probably guessing this is going to be a long blog post- but I’ll be talking about a lot on the subject sex. First I’ll talk about the truth & lies about it. Then I’ll talk about the hope & redemption you can have if you’ve gone too far. (Note: I will not be comdemming anyone or making anyone feel bad. I’m going to talk about this with wisdom & love, and let God take the lead, and I just type it out.)

  • Truth & Lies About Sex
  • Truth: Sex is something meant to only be shared in marriage between a man an a woman. It is something sacred, special, and emotional. It brings two bodies together, and they become one in both mind and soul. God created sex only to be shared between a man an a woman only in marriage, because He knew what it would do if it was done outside of it. He designed it that way for a reason, He made it that way so we could enjoy it and be protected. He does everything He does to protect us, because He loves us. His rules, law, has our best interests at heart. Don’t listen to lies of this world. God loves you and does everything He can to protect and help you.
  • Lies: “Sex is wrong and a sin you shouldn’t do it.” // So if you are like me and you heard people say this, you thought at one point that, you were never ever supposed to have sex cause it was wrong. Not because they meant it that way, you just took it that way. And that is a lie. It’s not wrong to have sex, it’s just wrong to it outside of marriage cause it’s a sin. But only then is it a sin. Some of you may struggle with wanting to have sex and having questions about it. And others may struggle with figuring out when it is a sin and when it’s okay to do. So then, the lies make it so much harder to figure out. Makes it all complicated. Boys will tell you lies like: “I’ll stay with you forever, just have sex with me”

Handsome Guy and Beautiful Girl, don’t believe those lies. Take a step back, breathe, and listen to what Jesus says. Listen to hear Him speak, and if you can’t, just leave. But if you have gone too far, and listened to the lies, there is still hope for you…

  • Hope If You’ve Had Sex Before Marraige
  • Hope: So you’ve gone too far. You feel terrible, guilty, dirty, used and just awful. You want to get over it, but your mistake keeps on telling and screaming at you in your head. People either bring it up, or you can’t move past it. All you want is to start over, forget, and be loved. Is it even possible? You wonder day and night if it is. Well friend let me tell you, it is. It is possible to start over and move on and to be loved. The hope and reason for that to be possible is all thanks to Jesus. Jesus can redeem you, give you a brand new start, allow you to start over. All because He loves you, and He’s never stopped. Open up your heart, let Him love you. Let Him redeem you. It’s never too late.

It’s never too late to receive forgiveness and redemption. It’s never too late to be redeemed. Jesus is waiting for you to allow Him to come into your heart and make you feel the love He has for you. He has loved, chased, pursued, and held you since day one. Never had He left now. And He desperately wants you to allow Him in, so He can love you how He wants to. Don’t forget, you are so worth it to Him. He loves you beyond words or human understanding.

Remember: Your past, your mistakes, neither of them define you. Jesus defines you. What He says about you defines you. He calls you handsome/beautiful, loved, and adored. To Him, you were worth dying for. Because He wanted to save you all because He loves you. No matter how messy, or deep you are in sin, He loves you and He wants to bring you out of it. But you just have to let Him. You are made worthy, an all those things He says you are, by His blood. But you have to let Him in and allow Him to come into your heart. Always remember He loves you, never forget that.

Xoxo, Unashamed Couple


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