Be Fragile With Me

You know that moment you watch something, or go through something and your eyes are opened to something? Well that has just happened to me, and I want to share what I have just learned and how my eyes have been opened, so here we go!

Dear Girls (& Guys),

You say you want to be in a relationship, and you’re willing to love that person no matter what, but I have a couple questions for you:

Are you ready to love them when you they sin and do things you don’t like? Are you willing to forgive them how God forgave you? Are you ready to see the not so pretty side? Are you ready to be there when they are going to be destructive to themselves and others around them? Are you ready to love them and help them? Are you ready for 3 AM phone calls cause they need you? Are you ready to be up late at night praying with them, and reminding them the good they have in them, and beautiful future they have, and all the amazing things you see in them? Are you ready to forgive them as God forgave you? Are you ready to see them fall so hard, and so fast into a pit, and still be there just so they know they’re not alone? Are you ready?

So are you? Are you ready for that? Cause that’s what love is. Love doesn’t leave when it gets hard. Love doesn’t leave when it gets messy. In fact, that’s when love is at its strongest. Because grace and unconditional-perfect-true love, are powerful in those situations. That’s when it is so powerful, that it takes your breathe away. Love doesn’t leave, it doesn’t withhold anything, it doesn’t stop forgiving either. If you love them, truly love them, you’ll forgive them because God had grace and mercy on you, and forgave you.

Another thing, love isn’t easy, sometimes it hurts. But it’s worth it.

These are the questions I want you to ask yourself. Are you ready for all that? Are you ready to be in a relationship with someone when it won’t be easy? Are you ready. Cause let me tell you, love isn’t easy and it is a decision. Now to you who is single maybe thinking love isn’t a decision, and if it is it’s not that hard to make up your mind to love someone. But let me tell you something, I thought the same thing, and I found out I was wrong.

When I was single, and people said “love is a decision”, I thought “what a terrible thing to say. Love is a decisions? But it’s something you feel for someone no matter what.” For you single people who see that that sentence is incorrect … congratulations! You know more about love than I did when I was single.

You see, I didn’t know that strong lovey dovey feelings for someone, could die like all the other feelings we have. I thought the feeling lasted forever, no matter what. But just like all the other feelings we have it does fade. So that’s why, love being a decision is such a beautifully gift! How you may ask, well here is the answer: See your heart, is where your feelings spring from. But your mind is nowhere near or connected to your heart, so you then get to make the choice to love someone when you don’t feel like it.
 So now you can freely make the choice to forgive, to show grace to them, to love them, to fragile with them. Because they are hurting and himan like you are; they are fragile like you. Love is gentle and kind, it’s patient.

So be fragile with them, especially when they do the opposite than what they were supposed to do.
The interesting thing is, we think we need to get what we deserve by choking it out of them. We think in a relationship it’s all about what we can get out of it. What can we get out of it to help us and further us. That’s being selfish. And that is not what we are called to do. You don’t choke someone you love, to get what you want. You don’t leave when it gets hard. You don’t just leave them alone. You forgive them like you were forgiven when you did something wrong. 

  • Love them.
  • Be fragile with them.
  • And forgive because you were forgiven and had grace shown to you.

Are you ready to do that? Are you ready for all that? For when all the sudden bad, may to go worse. For when you possibly may so strongly dislike that person at one point, and you want to hurt them like how they hurt you, but instead you show forgiveness because you them, and it’s done out of love. Are you ready to do the opposite of what your feelings tell you to do in that moment, and make the choice to love them. Are you ready to be fragile with them? Are you ready to really love them? Because if not,  you’re not ready to be in a relationship. You’re not ready to love someone yet. And that may be one reason why you aren’t in a relationship at the moment.

So lastly I want to ask you: Are you ready to be fragile with their heart & them?

Xoxo, Unashamed Couple


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