The Enemy Is Scared Of You

We’ve all heard of the big villain in movies. You know, the one with the evil plot to destroy not just the hero’s day, but the whole world at that. His mission is to make the hero suffer, and doesn’t care who he has to take down to get to this hero. Even these villains has followers, they are fully devoted to him. This is the same thing that goes on in real life with the war against satan. However, there’s something different. Satan is scared of you. 

Yep, you read that right. Satan is scared of your future. Satan is scared that you’re going to see your worth in Christ and you’ll ruin every single plan he has. He is scared that you are going to make a difference in this world, and that’s why he’s fighting you so much. These things that pop up in your life, satan is trying to use that to get you off course. He doesn’t want you to do what God has planned, because satan wants his plans to play out. 

1 John 3:8 says that satan has been sinning since the beginning of time, but the Son of God came to destroy the work of the devil. See, the enemy has already lost. He already knows that when Jesus rose from the tomb, he lost the battle. That is why he is trying to destroy everything we have going in our lives, and trying to destroy us before we understand that we are much more than what this world has to offer. 

When we realize we are more than what our thoughts say, we are more than depression, more than addiction, more than hate, bitterness, and sin in general, we start to act and talk a little different. Our faith, our life, it starts to rub off on others. Every time we live our days unashamed of God’s word, satan gets more and more fearful of us. This is why satan sends us all these obstacles to get in our way. 

When we put our focus on what’s right and pure, it’s the devil who is the most fearful. So if you want to keep satan scared, if you want to please God and do what’s right in life, if you want to experience this joy that you can have in Christ, then live your life boldly. Focus on what is rightous, find your worth through Christ, rather than in this world. Your faith will move mountains. 


Peace and love to all. 


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