Lies From The Enemy


They can be pretty, wrapped up in gorgous clothing. They may comfort you, they might even get you to believe that what is going through your mind is actually true. They’re get you to believe you’re ugly, a nobody. That all you are is a idiot who doesn’t deserve to live. But it’s these lies that satan uses to distract us from the big purpose in our life.

Like I’ve stated in our latest blog post, satan is scared of us. He knows what God has planned out for us, so he wants to do everything he can to make us feel worthless. He wants us to stumble, to get lost and not to live up to the calling and purpose that God has for our life. However, the thing I want to add here is that satan is going to use lies to destroy you. If there’s a way to get you to feel worthless, to feel worse, he will do it.

Lies are a form of temptation as well, because he can get you to believe these thoughts and cause you to sin. So many times, these lies has left me with nothing but my sins. This can be also vise versa. The Bible proves that with the story of the betrayal of Judus. When he realized what he had done, he began to listen to the lies that satan had told him, and hung himself.

So finally, let me remind you to never allow satan’s lies get to you. You are a great person. You can be what you want to be. You can inspire people. God can use you. Why you may ask? Because you are a Child of God. You are love by Him. He’s not mad at you, He’s mad about you. Meaning He’s madly in love with you, He wants a relationship with you and has a purpose for your wonderful life.

You were created to serve God and live out His plan for us. Nothing can stop that unless you chose to believe what satan is saying over God. He’s not forgotten about you, the only thing He’s forgetting is your sins. You aren’t defined by what people has done to you, what you’ve done, nor by what others say about you or what you think about yourself. You are defined by the everlasting God who loves you. Who loves you. Who cares about every hair on your head. Who doesn’t care about what you’ve done, but rather what you’re gonna do. Don’t focus on anything else but His grace, because He conquered the grave. 

Love and grace to all. 

-Unashamed Couple πŸ’™


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