Politics: Who Will You Vote For

I along with many other first time voters, will vote for the first time this up coming election! During this election I’ve seen many people form opinions. Some people have handled themselves quite well & respected that other people have different opinions. Others have been chocking down others people’s throats about why you’re wrong for voting for this person and how you should vote for the other candidate. And let’s not forget the ones who say if you’re a Christian you won’t vote this election OR the people who are saying it is your right as an American to vote & YOU BETTER VOTE!

Goodness! It’s enough to make you stress out.

A few weeks ago I found myself being pulled into three different directions and here are the three things that pulled me here and there:

  1.  Don’t vote! The candidates don’t really aline with what you believe and want for a leader of this country. And who you’re going to vote for will make others unhappy.
  2. I am going to vote for this candidate no matter what! I want them to win!
  3. This candidate is who everyone else is for voting and I kinda agree with some of the stuff they stand for, so why not vote for them?

I was literally all over the place! Picking who you are going to vote for is quite hard. But an important thing to remember in choosing who you want to vote for is this: it’s your choise, your voice, your vote. 

You’re not going to please everyone with who you choose to vote for. Everyone has an opinion an as a young voter, older voters will try to influence your choice. Yes, I believe people older than you can give you good advice from experience. And yes, they do know more than us in a lot of areas. But your vote, is your vote. Not theirs.

My mom is pretty cool about always letting me make my own decisions since I started dating my boyfriend. And when it comes to my vote, she has not been telling me who to vote for or who not to vote for. She’s just helped me stay informed. She’s very helpful and I’m very thankful for her! But some other people in my family, have been rooting for this one candidate and bashing the other. Which has been driving me insane & stressing me out so much.

Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to go vote when I reached the age to where I could vote. I’ve always wanted to use my voice and rights that I have. But this presidental election has really made me stress out and started to take the excitement out of my chance to vote. And then you have all these Christian authors and musicians and speakers freaking out over this election, acting like this next president is the only person who can save our nation. What?!

I see so many Christians scared thinking this election is life or death as we know it. 😂 Really? They’re treating God like He is so powerless and forgetting: He is the only one who can save our nation. The world isn’t going to come to an end over this election, unless God tells Jesus to come back for us. Who is bigger y’all, God or this election?

Sweet friends and fellow voters, y’all are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. If our God can part The Red Sea, bring the dead back to life, and find a way to redeem us from all our deep dark and dirty sins by using His Son as a sacrifice, I think this election isn’t going to throw Him off His Throne or stop Him from protecting His Children. Our God is so much bigger and mighter than a man made election.

To all the young and old voters out there: don’t let others persuade your vote or scare you into thinking this president is our only hope. Pray about your vote (or whether to vote) and trust in your God who is bigger than this election. And believe that He will protect you and that His plan will prevail.

Xoxo, M


One thought on “Politics: Who Will You Vote For

  1. Yes totally agree! So many people are freaking out about this election. I’ve felt the pressure and stress also. Personally, I will prayerfully vote for the candidate that most closely aligns with my convictions from a biblical perspective. I pray that God will guide you, myself, and everyone to choose wisely. I thank God that we all have rights to our own opinions and to vote as we choose here in America!

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