It’s Okay To Not Be Her

Okay so we all have a her we compare ourselves to that we try to be. Whether she be: 

  1. A better version of yourself, also known as: MissPerfect 
  2. A girl from his/your past that makes you feel small when she’s talked about or when you’re around her
  3. Your role model

There may be many more reasons & many more hers on your list or you may just have one of those three. I have two out of those three versions of her. And it is not fun to have her on your mind on a bad day.😅

So how can we move past this jealousy and completion of having that her in our mind & life? Simple: we compete with her at all.

Ladies!!! We are priceless and beautiful and made perfectly imperfect the way God wants us. We don’t have to compete with the her in our lives or minds. Why? Because she isn’t real. We only see the pretty front she puts up, not her down side and imperfections. And the her version of yourself you have in your head, isn’t even possible to become, because sweet girl, you’re too hard on yourself.

So here and now I’m going to tell you and myself that, it’s okay not to be her. All of us are fearfully and wonderfully made. I don’t & you don’t have to change about ourselves to be enough. We are enough because Jesus is enough. Priceless is what we are. Through Him we are free and more than enough. Forever we branded with beauty, because our God is a wonderful artist, and we are His Workmanship.

So let’s stop trying to be her and start striving to be ourselves. But more than that, let’s go on a journey to be the best version ourselves that we can possible be! And good news, on this journey everything IS accomplishable. Because, on this journey, it’s where you grow closer to God and He turns you into the woman you were always destined to be, the version of yourself He has designed you to be.

Beautiful girl, never lose hope or the truth that you are beautiful and Jesus loves you so very much!!



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