I don’t know about you, but this election has had my head spinning from the beginning. Goodness. It has been crazy, tiring and stressful. Once our president was elected I have to say, all this stress was lifted off my shoulder. Until… I went on social media. And all I have to say is: wow.

Wow because so many people are allowing who was elected president to be their chance to throw away all their morals out the door. All I see is hate and no love. 

One side talks about how this candidate was horrible and they can’t believe they won the presidential election. While the other side says the other side is just a bunch of crying babies and need to leave America if they don’t like the president.

Where is the love?

Whether you agree with who your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, sister, brother, cousin, uncle, aunt, cousin, grandmother, grandfather, mom and dad voted for or not shouldn’t effect your relationship. And even if they didn’t vote that shouldn’t bother you either. 

The American people have spoken and Donald J. Trump is our new president. That’s that. Hate, protesting and causing riots is not going to solve anything. It will only make matters worse.

But do you want to know what will make a change? LOVE.

Are we forgetting the bigger picture here? All of this on earth will fade. It will all vanish. Jesus is one day coming back. Some will go up to heaven, some will be left behind. The goal for Christians is still the same: tell the world about Jesus & love people no matter what. Including if they didn’t vote for who you voted for or have different views than you.

You want to see change in America? Good! Start loving your neighbor and forgive those who do you wrong (with no conditions involved).

Everyone has their own right to their own opinion and their own views. Everyone has a right to either mourn or rejoice over the results of this election. Everyone has the right to say what they want on their own social media. But please, I beg you, stop the hateful words & attacking others who don’t agree with you. Please.

And to all of us & espcially those who are scared to live in America right now: God and Jesus have the final say. They are bigger than any man made election and any apart of the government. Pray & trust in God even when it gets scary. He is our shield & protection forever.

The only thing God requires us to do is love & trust in Him. He’ll handle the rest His Plan will always come to pass. He will always have the final say.

Love & Peace to all. ❤️


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