My Precious Child… 

My Precious Child,

You are more capable than you know. You are more than enough for the world. You are more than strong & courageous deep down in your heart and soul. You are more than BRAVE. You are MORE! Because I am more, I overcame the world, I live inside your heart.

I know you’re worried over things that are going on in your life and you have no control over it. I know things of the world scare you. I know your mind hurts you more than it helps you. I know that the enemy keeps hounding you and knocking you down. I know bills are pilling up and seems like once you come up for air, it feels like you sink back down and start drowning. I know you send up a shaking prayer that you barely believe will be heard. I know you wonder if I’m there. I know you just wish the pressure would let up and everything would be smooth sailing. I know you think I don’t hear you when you ask me to calm the sea.

But what you don’t know is that I am working all things together for your good.

My Child, I do not withhold anything from you nor any of My other Children. I hear every prayer, every cry and every broken hearts cry. I hear the worry in your voice and I know the reason why it’s there. I hear you in the silence of the night talking about how you wish you looked liked someone else, rather than the fearfully, wonderfully and beautifully being I have made you to be. I see it all and I know it all. Nothing goes by without Me noticing. I am everywhere My Child and I see it all. Nothing escapes My Eye. Not even the tiniest movement from an ant do I not see.

Only thing you need to know, stand on and trust is this: I won’t let you fall. You are in my grasp My Child. Never did I let you go. From the moment you were in your mother’s womb, I watched and took care of you. I let no harm take you away. And when evil tried to take you out, I put a stop to it. Nothing can overpower Me. I am the Great I am and nothing will stop My plans for you coming to pass. Who can come against Me, My Child? Who else is as powerful as Me? With one blink I can wipeout everything. Put yet, I keep it all together inside My Hands. I won’t let you fall. I never will let you slip. Trust in Me and keep on walking in the path I have called you to walk upon and stand on the foundation of My Words.

Keep your eyes fixed on Me and watch it all suddenly fall into place in My timing. For My Ways are higher than yours…

—You Heavenly Father


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