It’s Okay To Be Single 

Dear single girl and guy, I know how discouraging it is to be single. I know how it feels to be overlooked, to be the person left out and to always feel lonely. In the season of singleness, it seems as if nothing good can happen. But my friend, if only you knew the plans God had for you, you wouldn’t just be longing for your future spouse.

Now this isn’t me saying to stop writing Dear Future Spouse letters, but I am saying that your future is more than them. In this season, this is the moment you fix your priorities and start to work on things that is pleasing God. This is a great way to prepare for your future spouse, for you are allowing yourself to be mended, molded into the right person that Christ has called you to be. Your spouse will come, believe me. But you have to give some time to growing in this season, instead of focusing on what could happen in next season.

For example, a farmer doesn’t eat a seed before it’s planted, then why should we try to do the same thing with our current relationship status? That seed wasn’t ready yet, just as we aren’t ready for a relationship with our future spouse. We need the water, we need the sun light, we need the time to grow into something amazing. And it is then that we see God start to move, and in due time, give us the relationship we’ve always wanted.

So my friend, your singliness isn’t in vain. You might have tons of growing to do, and you have just a small amount. But no matter what, you’ll get there. Be patient, and learn to grow in the process.


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