“I sometimes feel like I am not enough…”

Everyone has hit this point in there lives before. Whether it’s because they struggle with low self-esteem, have a  confidence level of 0 or they are just having a bad day, everyone comes to the place of feeling they aren’t enough or good enough. And I too have been there. In fact I go there more times than I’d like to admit.

I get insecure over my faith and how big it is very easily let me explain…

Sadie Robertson is a very Godly Christian who has been very out spoken about her faith and done very inspiring things. I love her posts on social media and her YouTube videos. She is simply amazing an a good role model girls should look up to. BUT, I feel very insecure when others around me compliment her faith and her beauty that comes her soul. I start feeling left out, like I am not good enough and I should try harder to have bigger faith, be more vocal, or… be more like her. And it doesn’t just stop there. I start to wanting to be as skinny as her, have dimples like she does, fix my hair like her, do my makeup like her, be tan like her, have that supermodel body like her. Because I’m just little ole me, doing nothing to spread Jesus’ name around, and just doing nothing with the same amount of faith I have. While she is going above and beyond to get His name out there and her faith is just: WOW. (PS: I love Sadie and her faith so much!!!)

You know what I mean. You know just exactly that person is. That one person who makes your faith to be the size of peanut and they have everything together. And they looks exactly how you wish you could. THAT PERSON IS JUST EVERYTHING YOU ARE NOT & HAS GROWN IN WAYS YOU WISH YOU HAD OR COULD.

Oh, the sweet pain it brings along. Doesn’t not feeling enough or good enough amazing?

Last weekend me and Jim got asked to speak to fifth graders at his uncle’s bikeaway. Obviously we wanted our speech to remind them and make them feel special. The funny thing is, it reminded me how special and loved I am by God also.

Y’all we are loved, fearfully and wonderfully made by God. We are His. He made us in His Image. He makes no mistakes, so we are made exactly how He wants us to be. He did not make a mistake when He made each and everyone of us. So we do not need to be anything else but ourselves. You are the person someone needs to meet and see one day. Yes, your story can help someone you’ll meet someday (“Stories speak to the heart.” -Britt Nicole). You are the person someone is praying they’ll marry someday. You are the friend someone needs. You are an answered prayer to someone out there. People need to see your light shine so bright … THEY NEED TO SEE JESUS IN YOU.

So lets not forget that next time we feel like we aren’t enough or good enough. Because girls and guys, I can tell you: WE ARE MOVE THAN ENOUGH FOR THIS WORLD, because Jesus is more than enough. Through Him we are fearfully and wonderfully made, without a mistake. Through Him we are found without fault and blameless. Let’s always remember what He says and do it…His way!


Xo, U.C.


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