Invite Him

You pray for a miracle but miracle seems to be so far out of reach. You pray for the mess to go away but the mess is still right before your eyes. You cry out and you know deep down you’re heard by God, but yet, your circumstances say other wise. You pray and pray but it seems to be getting you no where. You’re still stuck in the same boat, in the same lake at the same spot you were last year. How did it happen? You started the year off so good, how did you end up here again? You got closer to God, but yet, there is more distance between you and Him now than there was before. How did it happen?

I have been there so many times it’s not even funny. But after watching Steven Furtick’s sermon (By Invitation Only, I’ll post a link of it here) it made me think: When was the last time I invited God into my situation? When was the last time I invited God into every situation and thing going on in my life?

The one thing I love about God is not just the fact that He loves us, but that He wants us to love Him back. He doesn’t crash your wedding or party or life, He comes only when invited. He gives us our space and let’s us choose what to do with our life: let Him have control over it or take matters into our own hands. He lets us have our freedom and doesn’t try to lock us in a cage with a set of rules. He wants us to run wild & free, under His conditions, that’s what He wants. But even then, He still won’t push it upon you, He gives you a choose. You can say or you can say no. It’s our choice how our life turns out if we don’t surrender our life to Him.

Question is which choice will you make TODAY & EVERYDAY? Because with this decision (choice) you have to keep making it everyday. It’s not just a one time choice that you stamp on your life and that’s it. No, you have to keep making it every single hour of everyday. Because that’s how God is, it’s a relationship and He wants your heart. He wants you to love Him back. That’s why He chose to compare the relationship between Jesus and the church to be marriage. It’s a relationship between you and Jesus, it’s not a religious agreement.

Just like in a marriage how you and your spouse are a team… you and God are a team. Once you invite Jesus into your heart y’all are meant to be a team. And you’ll spend the rest of your days discovering, uncovering all that you are, all that you will be and become. Each day you’ll find things come to life and be revealed to you and how great of a love story God wrote out just about you and Him.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friend. ~John 15:13

There is no greater love than Jesus laying down His life for you and me. There is no greater love that can fill your heart and soul than His love. It is powerful and life changing. It can make the blind see, the deaf hear, the paralyzed walk, the mute speak, make the doubters believe again, the ones with fear have faith, the ones who are in ashes rise with beauty again. It can take you from bankrupt to rich in a second. And all of that is just the beginning.

How does this help with your unanswered prayers? Well, because … without His love you couldn’t pray and you couldn’t even invite Him in. But that AMAZING LOVE made a way, it tore the veil! To where that now there is no distance and He can come into your heart and wherever else you invite Him.

So everyday (and night) let’s invite Him in, and watch Him work His miracles. Jesus loves to come to the mundane situations that come along with everyday life. He will be right there faster than The Flash ever thought of running. The Prince of Peace will come and makes miracles out of your ordinary day because that’s just who is. But you must always invite Him.

And so on this holiday season night, I ask both you: will you invite Him?

Xo, -U.C. πŸŽ„β„οΈπŸ’™πŸŽ‰



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