Christmas Wonderland 

Merry Christmas from us here at Unashamed Couple! We know that this time is stressful, and the pressure on Christmas is high, but I wanted to take a moment to relax you and to remind you of the reason we join together every December 25th, the birth of Jesus.

On this day, we don’t celebrate gifts, we don’t celebrate any idols or sins, nor do we celebrate the things of this world. Yet rather, we come together to celebrate the greatest gift given to mankind, Jesus. We celebrate the day that He came on this Earth 2,000 years ago, and was born just so He could die so we could live again. In our struggles, in our chains, it was Christ who came down to set us free.

As we fix our focus today, remember all of the good that God has brought us through, let Him live through you. Let Him take control over everything (your relationships, your life, your financial situation, your job, etc), and start to rise up in Christ. He is the only way you can find sasifaction.

So today and everyday, I challenge you to spread some peace and joy around the world. Show off His great love for us, and make His name known. Live out the Christ-like faith, and you will find peace.

-U.C. ❄🎄🎉


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