When God Cleans House

Who out there reading this questions God? Like you are just genuinely curious as to what God is up to in your life? It’s not that you don’t trust Him you’re just curious & you wonder why He created it this way.

Well I have an answer to that question and it hit me out of nowhere the other day:

We serve a God who cleaned house before there was a house to clean.

Now stay with me here. God created everything & everything has a purpose that He created. Even the things He didn’t put in this earth (sin) through His Son’s precious blood He can redeem it and work it all out for good (Romans 8:28)! He has bought all of us back when we thought we couldn’t be brought back close to Him. In His time everything works out for the good of His plan & for you.

Our God is a planner and works day & night to give us the best & most beautiful future we can’t even begin to imagine. So He knows the story of our lives front and backwards. He has it memorized because He wrote it. Nothing surprises Him, not even that part of your story that made you gasp and kept you up all night. While you were panicking He had already made a path for it to be fixed. (Y’all have no idea how excited I am to write this right now.)

Have you ever thought and tried to figure out why God created something to be experienced and used at the certain time it will be used and experienced? Because I hear a lot of teenagers and adults struggling with this certain subject (along with MANY OTHERS): “God made sex, so why is it He made it to be experienced only in marriage?” 

First of all, the main thing to always remember in no matter what thing you are struggling with to understand why there is a certain date to when you can use it & experience it, is that God’s timing is always perfect. His ways are higher than ours. But another reason could be, that He knew there would be so much more heartache having sex outside of marriage. He had to see that. And if He is a loving Father and does everything to protect you, then that must be one of the factors also right? I mean if He knows & sees all & loves you, He must have created everything to be good to the best of its ability and to not hurt His Creation intentionally.

Everything He created has a divine purpose when used His way. He stood back and called everything He created good. All that He touches He makes good & perfect. In His timing and His way sex and anything else you have to wait on is going to be good.

God cleaned house before there was a house to clean. He made a path before there was a road to walk on. He was holding your hand when you were in the hospital before you even had to go. He was alerting people that there was danger through His Messengers before there was danger upon His people. He was getting ready to part the waters when the Israelites were slaves. He was making a way, putting His plan together and was cleaning house before there was a house to clean.

So whatever is a struggle right now for you, whatever you are questioning God about right now. Whatever you have to wait on because it’s not time for you to have, experience, or use it. Remember: God’s got a reason & plan. And He’s always preparing the road you will have to travel, and cleaning the house you’ll stay at, before the house is even there.

Xo. -U.C. 


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