Happy New Years!

Ah, the New Years. This is the time where we celebrate the new year and we look forward to all the possibilities that this year has to offer. This is the perfect time to start over, becoming a someone God has called you to be. 

This year, do something to make a difference. Be kind, love with your life, have hope for this year, and spread that love and hope with everyone around you. This is the time of the year where we can fully forget the past, and start to focus on Christ (Which we can do this every single day, but this is a day which you can start over). Whether you’re young or old, boy or girl, no matter what race, you have a chance to start over again, it’s never too late. 

Don’t place your hope in this world or people, because it’ll fail you. This year, start with fixing your frame on Christ, not so focus on the negative, but the positive. If our hope is in Christ, we have a chance to make a difference, and we can do something. Let this year be the year you start over with a clean slate. Don’t worry about the mistakes you made last year, but learn from them. Keep walking ahead, focus all upon God. 

 Today, we wish you a Happy New Years, and may God’s grace and peace be upon on everyone. 

– U.C 🎄❄ 


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