Let Your Faith Be Bigger

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1 NIV

Faith. Funny how things turn around when things aren’t as pretty, when our faith is tested to its limits, and we don’t feel like God’s going to rescue us. As we feel like we’re stuck in this terrible rut, we find that there’s always peace in the storm, as long as we continue to have faith.

Our storms may be the struggle to find a job, to make it in school, to pay bills, to find that one person you’ve been looking for, sickness, and so much other things. We fight against the things of this world, but we have to remember that our fight isn’t against flesh of blood. No, it’s our fight against sin, overcoming trials in our life, that is our fight. When our faith is pushed to its limits, we find the temptations to throw in the towel. We want to give up, but why would you stop when God is mending things right into place?

We have pain, yes of course. We have struggles and people aren’t going to understand what you’re really going through. But there’s Someone who does, and His name is Jesus Christ. He felt your pain. He heard your cry, seen what you have went through. All He wants is your faith, and He will work things out just like He plans. Now I want you to notice, it’s not your plans. That’s something I want to stress, your plans aren’t always going to be used in God’s plans, simply because God knows what is best for you, more than you do. So we have to be led blind, that’s why it’s important to keep the faith.

If your hope is in Jesus, then I can assure you that things will happen better than you expected it. Things will happen, some bad and some good, but that doesn’t change the fact that God is always doing something special in your life. All He wants is for us to have faith in Him and trust Him in all things, and He’ll make His plans known.


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