No Looking Back

When they were safely out of the city, one of the angels ordered, “Run for your lives! And don’t look back or stop anywhere in the valley! Escape to the mountains, or you will be swept away!” 

But Lot’s wife looked back as she was following behind him, and she turned into a pillar of salt.

Genesis 19:17‭, ‬26 NLT

No looking back. There’s no turning back from here. The temptation to just look back is stronger as ever, to go back to the place you once was and to stay there. It grows stronger when things don’t go right, or something happens that makes you feel the urge to look back at the destruction and return to it. We’ve been there, we’ve seen the destruction it causes too. 

The life we once had is gone. But once we look backwards, we always tend to go back to that life. Thank God we’re not Lot’s wife, am I right? We would be turned into salt in no time. Now, thankfully this can never happen. However, it’s always dangerous to return to the mistakes you’ve made, or the chances you didn’t take. This, all of this, it’s irrelevant in God’s eyes. He wants us to MOVE FORWARD! March ahead to His beat of the drum, run your race. 

Racers doesn’t dare to look back, you want to know why? Because if they do, they’ll focus won’t be what’s ahead of them. They wouldn’t be focused on that finish line. They wouldn’t be focused on what’s ahead of them. When them they look behind, they’re more likely to trip and fall. This is the dangers of us looking behind, even when fall, we have to get back up. We have to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who’s standing right at the finish line. The race isn’t finish yet, you still have fight. 

Anything is possible when it comes to God, don’t deny it’s possible. Don’t keep worrying about your past mistakes and how it might affect your future, but let your future be affected by the One who created it. No worry, no looking back, is going to do anything. The only time to look back is to remind yourself how far you’ve came, and how far you will go for The Lord.

The hate you once felt, leave it in Gomorrah. The sins you once had, leave it in Gomorrah. The mistakes you made, leave it in Gomorrah. The financial trouble you’re facing, leave it Gomorrah. The depression and anxiety, leave it in Gomorrah. The pressure to be a better person, leave it in Gomorrah. Everything that is holding you back from trusting Christ and fully being who you were created to be, leave it in Gomorrah. Let it burn. Let it die. God will take it and make a diamond out of what seemed like ruins. 

Our God’s alive people, and He’s wanting to do amazing things in our life. But if we keep comparing ourselves, worrying, and looking back, we’re only holding ourselves back from what God created us to be. Don’t live your life half empty, but let your cup overflow. 



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