Relationships Ain’t Always Easy

Relationships. Everyone is always dreaming of that perfect relationship that is so beautifully designed and everything we dream of… until it’s not. That’s when things get messy, is when we place all of our happiness in a relationship. We allow it to determine our joy, instead of placin that joy in The Father Himself. 

We automatically think that our relationship is going to be perfect, when in reality, it’s going to be messy sometimes. Arguements are bound to happen, and our faith is going to get weak. When we place all of our hope and joy into a single relationship, we are only setting ourselves up for disappointment. We are already placing our treasures into this world, and not in Heaven itself. And that is a scary thought, because I’ve noticed myself doing this same thing.

And this is why we can’t be so caught up on how perfect we have to be, or how perfect the other person has to be. You’re not Jesus, and neither is your partner. What we have to offer is the love we can give each other, being companions and walking along side with each other in this walk of life. We can help each other become closer to Christ. We can love each other and be so in love with each other. But we cannot expect perfection in the other person or ourselves.

Now I’m not saying lower your standards, because you need to keep them. But don’t be expecting the other person to get it right all of the time. Relationships doesn’t work like that. In matter of fact, the only relationship we can know that the other person will be perfect is our relationship with Christ. Our treasures should be placed in Heaven, and our love can go to God and to people. That’s all it takes folks. 



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