Fall Afresh On Us

So you’ve heard … our land is pure evil and there is no hope. America has fallen from her high mountain and we are unsavable, unredeemable, we missed our chance, our only shot. Our only little peak of “maybe” getting back on track, is the man sitting in the White House who half of the country slanders, while the other half wear their “Make America Great Again” hats, t-shirts, pins, bumper stickers and displaying their signs for all to see.

Both sides are American’s. Both sides are human. Both sides are broken and alone. Both sides are sinners who fall short of perfection but want to be made whole with this love that runs so deep that no reason is needed for it to be given. This is who both sides are. These are our brother and sisters. We are all lost and searching, pleading at night -whether it be to the void of darkness that stares back at you in the middle of the night or to God who listens to every cry of our hearts- for peace, love and unity in our country.

We want to be saved. We want to be America the beautiful again. But how can we get back to that with so much hate and darkness around us?

I will admit we are facing cold and heartless days. Nobody seems to worry about their neighbor anymore. Nobody seems to have compassion in their hearts anymore. Nobody seems to be going out of their way to love others. And Christians are justifying and making things “okay” so they can keep friends, keep Church members and so no ones feelings get hurt.

Yes, it sounds messed up. Yes, we have fallen from where we once stood. And yes, the world seems so dark, sinful and horrible. But hasn’t this all been lying underneath the radar all along? And also, you have heard of Sodom and Gomorrah before right?

We as Christians were set on this earth to bring the change and to spread are light, which shines so brightly with Christ’s love for us, and all who are lost. Our light can drown out all the darkness around us. Because He and His Perfect Love invades & drowns out all lies and darkness. Our light that comes from Him will do the same, because it is made out of Him and His love.

We are called to show compassion and love -while being careful not to compromise- to others so they can be set free. We are not called to just sit around and wait for God to come back. We are called to run our race with endurance until the end.

Not give up when we feel like it. Not call it all hopeless. Not to throw in the towel. But: RUN UNTIL YOU FINSIH THE RACE THAT CHRIST HAS WON FOR YOU.

Don’t stay hidden. Don’t stay quiet. Don’t let people tell you we are living in the end of times and let it scare you. Don’t let them tell you, you can’t make a change. Don’t let them get inside your head and make you think all is lost, because it’s not. Until God calls us home it’s still go time. It is still up to use to make sure both sides of the country that seems so split up right now and the rest of the world, see Jesus in us. See His Light shine so brightly like a city on a hill.

You and I were made to live right now, born for such a time as this. And it’s not a mistake we are alive at this time and place. We are chosen by God to live at this point, place and time we are set here to tell people about His love and freedom and how they can receive it. People are being truthful about what they think is true, and everything is being brought out into the light and everything that is brought out into the light can be set free.

Once you know the reason why, you can speak truth over people and they will be set free.

But we can’t do any of this without God, we can’t do any of this without Him. So we cry out to God that His will be done and that He’ll fall afresh on us. We cry out for more of Him and to be in sync with Him. We cry out to Him so He’ll show us the way to bring freedom to others through Him.

We can change the world while there is still time. It is never too late. Our hope is not lost, it is very much alive. Because our hope is found in Christ, not the man in the White House. Our hope is very much alive because God is still alive and He is more than willing to fall afresh on us, and to bring us closer, show us more, if we ask.

XO || U.C. ❤


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