All my life I’ve strived to be perfect. When I failed, I usually was harsh upon myself. I’m afraid of failure, I’m afraid to fail the people around me and God. My fear takes over, and I start to think about the things that I’ve done wrong. It wares me. I have to admit, I am a perfectionist. 

But when I look through the scriptures, it doesn’t say that I can’t fail. It says that we are weak, but even in our weakness we have a source of strength. This strength comes from Christ, who took all of our failure and put it all upon Himself. God brings peace, and He doesn’t look at what we could do wrong, but what we are capable of doing right. He is always forgiving us for pass mistakes, and He’s never going to fail us. His love will not disappoint. We can come to His thrown with a clean slate and not worry about if we fail God. 

It is important to be careful and do everything you can the way God wants it to be, but He doesn’t define you by your past. He defines us by the cross, and I wish I would had learned this sooner. It would had saved me so many nights of trouble. God was just waiting until I got it, until I understood what His grace really means. His grace doesn’t give us an excuse to sin, but gives us a new way to please God. Simply put, our failures are nothing to Him. He is lovingly enough to give you grace when needed, and to bring you where you need to be. Remember that God will never fail us, even when we fail Him.

Let’s open our hearts to Jesus, and decide on what’s wrong and what’s good in our hearts. Let Him begin to take things out of our hearts, so that way when we do fail, we know God is always encouraging us to do what’s right. Our ways won’t be perfect, because we human. But we can always let the One who is perfect to become our leader in our life. He is always there to show our steps. Don’t get so caught up on if you do fail, but get caught up on The One Who Never Fails. When you fix your eyes upon Jesus, He will shows you the way to go. 


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