Dear Wednesday 

“On Wednesday’s we wear pink.”

Does that quote sound familiar to you? If it does then you know it’s from the movie Mean Girls. Which is a movie that shows you all how cliques, gossip and working to be a size that is neither healthy nor achievable. So basically it’s the life of a high schooler put to film.

So many people look for glory in their clothes, video game score, sports stats, trophies or their talents they have. They especially look for it in the way they can make themselves look. How pretty/handsome they make themselves. And draw as much attention away from themselves as possible. (I am guilty of this.)

We think our plan is going to us what we want, what we crave for, what we’ve always thought would make us happy: exceptance and love.

We strive so hard for that “goal” that we stamp in our minds forever. Whatever it may be. We run & run & run & run & run after it until we’re so WAY past tired. And left with shattered pieces all around us and we’re left hollow and numb. Because somehow we’ve locked ourselves in this elevator that was going a million miles a minute in the right direction, then it just crashes and there is nothing we can do to save ourselves. We’re in too deep.

Last Saturday I went to WinterJam (holla 🙌🏼 cause it was AMAZZZING!!!), and Sadie Robertson was one of the speakers. She was talking about how she prayed for God to give her something to speak about, and every time He would tell her to read the story of: David & Goliath. So she did and this is what God showed her: your weakness is where God will make you strong. When you fully surrender to God, and let Him take the stage, He moves mountains through YOU that the world says you can’t. He’ll take what you are so self conscious about and use it to bring glory to Himself!

So baby face it, you’re a work of art God is planning to use.

Jesus said in the Bible to look deeper so you can judge correctly (paraphrased). WOW. That verse can be used for so many things. Like: turning away from gossip, looking deeper than what you see in the mirror, whatever you’re insecure about, whatever scares you, whatever you afraid of, all your fears, etc. LOOK DEEPER.

God is orchestrating something bigger than what you see. Bigger than the thigh gap & flat stomach you are dying to have. Bigger than the perfect way your teeth may not look when you smile. Bigger than the way you snort when you laugh. Bigger than the way your fear of speaking or doing anything in front of a crowd. Whatever is your weakness, your insecurity, your fear, God is going to take that and bring glory to Himself with it.

What the enemy says your weakness is, that’s where God is waiting to step in and make you so strong in it. Because His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

So on this Wednesday, declare that your insecurity, fear (whatever you are dealing with today), doesn’t have YOU. No, your God has it and a plan for it.

Xo. || —U.C. 


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