Don’t Let Waiting Make You Bitter

I have noticed something here lately in myself and in others. When people wait they become bitter and jealous. 

Can I get an amen? Anybody out there know what I’m talking about? Because seriously I see in myself and all around me. People get bitter and jealous when they are in the season of waiting.

At first, people start out so good and have so much potential to not lose their cool like people before them have. You blare you worship music, read your Bible and get deep into the Word. So close to God, closer than ever before. Nothing can go wrong. Except… suddenly the clock and calendar are running way longer than you thought it was. And what you wanted hasn’t happened yet and suddenly everyone is getting what you want, while you’re still waiting.

Wait, what? This makes no sense.

You’ve worshiped, prayed, put God first, living the Christian life perfectly on paper. But yet you’re still not getting what you wanted and on top of that, everything seems to be going in the opposite direction. All the sudden walls seem to close in on you and the bright light at the end of the tunnel is all but gone. And now what used to be the path of your perfect plan, has now turned into a dungeon of darkness of “the plan” never coming together. Everything hurts and so you just sit and stay silent, unmoving. Because it all went wrong. It all fell apart. So why should you move or even breathe if it’s not going to work out like how you thought it would?

To make matters worse, your friends (or anyone in your life) seems to be getting that job, getting engaged, getting that boyfriend, getting accepted into that academic program, getting married, having babies, having all their dreams come true. But you? Your dreams are out on hold and it’s just not fair. The pain is too much and you just wish God would not forget you and start smiling on you too.

You start asking yourself “what did they do to get their dreams to come true?” You spend days, weeks analyzing that persons life and wondering what you can do, to put do them. Because that makes total sense in the life problem of:

How to make your dreams come true.

  • X is the person and their life.
  • Y is you.
  • At the end you should have figured out the answer on how to out do them, so you can get what you want to happen faster.

In all honestly, isn’t that how we act? Isn’t that what we spend hours upon hours doing? Trying to figure out how to get what we want and get it quicker than they did. But that seems almos impossible because it seemed like it just fell in there lap. And…and…AND IT’S JUST NOT FAIR!!! You have waited FOREVER. And prayer days upon days for it to work out for you. Why God? Why GOD?!

When I was single and would get jealous of other girls my age who would have boyfriends, and they had the exact relationship I had been praying for myself to have. But my mom would simply remind me of this when I would go all crazy, “How long have they been praying for what they now? How long have they waited on God for this?”

How true is that? How long have people in our lives been praying for God’s plans to prosper over their own? How long was the waiting season for them? I bet you it felt like it would never end for them either. 

God is so faithful and He never withholds anything from us, I mean He sent His Son to die on the cross so we could live in eternity with Him. He doesn’t want Heaven without us. So why would He make us wait for our dreams, unless He has better plans, or He is molding us and preparing us to be the perfect fit for our dreams when they become our reality.

Friends, let’s not forget that the season of waiting, propels you towards the season when your standing in awe, gasping at how your dreams became real. God has so much in store for us all, if we’ll just wait on Him for however long He calls us to wait. The season of waiting is not the end, but only the beginning. This is where your dreams get closer to you than ever have before! When you give them to the Creator and watch as He slowly brings them to life!

Love y’all,

Xo. -U.C.

{Verse is Psalm 130:5}


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