Today (He Has Risen)

Today death doesn’t know what to do. Today Satans plan is ruined. Today we celebrate that You took the weight of everything upon Yourself and You slayed it.

Today You tore the veil. Today hope lives forevermore. Today all the lies have been shut up and out, of anywhere that You are; You are everywhere, You’re around me.

Today we sing of how great Your Love is. Today we are speechless and let our souls communicate with You. Oh how You have moved us. You have awakened dreams, hope, love and strong desires to get close to You. And now we can.

Today we’ll sing sing those last three words You said on the cross, “It is finished.” Let us never forget how finished it is and how that’s our signal to “GO” full speed ahead.

Today You did the one thing that was impossible, supply impossible. You walked out of the tomb and left evil speechless. 

Now our tongues can’t stop confessing of all You are. You broke the chains shamed used to hold us down. We don’t believe lies anymore.

Today is all about YOU and the love You have for us. We’ll never stop singing about it. We’ll never stop talking about it. We’ll never stop confessing it.

The Gospel will go, on and on and on. Forever You will magnified and glorified. For Your Church, Your Bride she loves You. She loves You. SHE LOVES YOU. We can’t live without You.

You gave it all, to save our souls. And so Your Church, Your Bride will celebrate now and always.


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