When My Praying Knees Get Weak

I have heard people say:

“It’s easy to serve God on the mountain.”

And I have to say, it is true. It’s easy to serve God and be joyful when you’re on top of the mountain. When you’ve got everything going for you and the only bad thing you have to face, is a bad hair day. It’s so easy to worship Him then. Because obvisouly there are tools to help manage that nad hair day and if all else fails, a hat of any kind (well a baseball cap is my go to hat) will fix that problem.

But it’s not always easy to worship Him in the valley.

You know the place:

  • Where it all starts falling apart
  • Where everything starts to fail
  • Where you start to lose things 
  • When your song seems toDie 
  • When all hope seems lost
  • When the least of your worries is a bad hair day
  • When your praying knees get weak & worshipping Him is the last thing you feel like doing

My praying knees get weak WAY more than I would like to admit. And I swear up and down that my life is falling apart when the tiniest thing seems to go wrong. I freak out WAY more than I should. And I try to take my problems and fix them, and don’t give them to God until they are a million times worse than what they were in the first place. #FACEPALM

I should have first prayed about it, my anxiety or worry over it, then left it for the day and stayed in conversation with God all day long. So I would be close to Him and not worry over things I can’t change and things of this world. But I didn’t. I usually don’t. And I spend those days tormented.

But as my boyfriend sister said to me one time and I’m sure my mom has told me millions of times: 

“You live and learn.”

You grow and learn from your mistakes. You learn to trust God more and then sometimes (all the time) He makes a miracle out of the deepest and darkest valleys.

Our God doesn’t waste anything. He uses everything. Because that’s just who He is. Our God will help us, if we’ll only ask Him and go to Him. He loves us and He has our lives in His Hands.

Let’s all try to rememberer that when our praying knees get weak and they need to be exercised more. 😉
Xo.  —U.C. 


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