Broken Road

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” Psalms‬ ‭34:18‬ ‭NLT‬‬

They say time heal wounds, but sometimes it just moves so slowly. In life we have people that hurt us, and I’ve felt this pain myself. My experience with a rejection hurts, especially when it is your family. It broke me down and I still have a bitter taste in my mouth whenever I go back to it. This was my broken road. 

I don’t want to paint them as the “bad guy”, but this was hard for me to get over. I’m in tears just writing this because the pain is so real. The one who I really needed wasn’t there for me, and it hurts. It hurts whenever I think about them. It hurts whenever I try to forget about what they did. It hurts always and I’m consumed with this bitterness.

Maybe you’ve been here, with your ex-significant other, ex-friend, or your family. Anyone who you’ve been so close to that had hurt you so bad that you had to leave, this post is for you. Your pain is the same as mine. Your pain agonizes you and makes you feel less than. We look at the broken road and it makes us feel so insignificant. The pain turns into anger, which turns into bitterness. Friends I speak from experience, bitterness isn’t the answer for any of this. It takes us moving on and forgiving the person who made the mistake. If we’re hanging on to bitterness, what kind of Christians are we? We aren’t being the light that God calls us to be. Not only are we hurting ourselves, but we’re also hurting the ones we love whenever we choose not to forgive.

This is a process in itself, it might take even years. You’re going to face heart ache and you’re going to have to address your problems. It might take years before you can let the bitterness go because the roots run so deep. It might take some counseling and talking things out. It definitely is going to take reading The Bible and prayer. It definitely is going to take seeking God through and through. It’s a tough decision because even I wanted to stay in the mist of my bitterness but it was killing my soul and hurting everyone around me. 

Recovering from the bitterness, I’m still learning to forgive them. Whenever your heart is smashed in the ground, it can bring some pain but it also produces some growing too. During this time I have noticed how much I’ve grown as a Child of God thanks to God and MaKayla. As I’m still growing, I’m learning that forgiveness is a process in the walk of this broken road. 

Those countless nights of you crying in your pillow, the times you wished that person was there, those feelings of rejection, Jesus felt it all too. He wants you to remember He is with you and He’s not going to do the same thing. God has heard your cries and He is coming through in the timing that is perfect for you. God isn’t unjust, and He will comfort you when you feel the loneliness. You always have God.

Remember friends, you aren’t alone. If anything there’s many that feels just like you, even our Savior Jesus Christ felt this pain. Turn your bitterness (in due time) into a testimony and let your heart sing again. Forgiveness is more than just words, it takes action and time. But in this life, you’re going to be hurt by people. It takes courage to continue this walk and learn to forgive in Christ. You are more than bitterness, you are a Child of God. Walk away from this broken road and let God mend your heart. That’s the true meaning of forgiveness.


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