We Are (Possibly) To Blame

We see it everyday on social media, headlines, TV’s and Newpapers: It’s The End of Times. Your family, friends, strangers are spreading it around like wildfire. Like it’s the most fantastic thing for some and the most horrible thing for others. Either way, the days we are living are apparently the end. So we should just close up shop, give up and call it the best we could. Because God is coming back any day now so we’ll just wait. No more change can be made it’s over.


You mean to tell me that’s it over? All of it is over? There is no more change that can be made? Are we really believing this? As far as we have come and conquered the impossible with God as a nation and we’re just gonna call it done and dub it worse it’s ever gotten? Really?

In the 1960’s and way before that Blacks were fighting for the right to sit with Whites and not be seperated. Now people from different races are able to sit, eat, drink, go to public restrooms at the same time in the same place. But yet it’s worse now than it ever has been?

Slavery happened since I can’t exact pin point it but it happened in the past, now people get in trouble for doing such things. (HALLELUJAH) But it’s worse now than it’s ever been?

Back in B.C. & A.D. people were killed, beaten, hanging on crosses (and some of this carried on into the middle to almost last of the 1900’s) for crimes that they may or may not have done. But it’s the worse now than it’s ever been?

Sex trafficking along with some of the other stuff is stil goin on, but in North American you can get in serious trouble for participating with things like that. But it’s the worse now than it’s ever been?

God said in Genesis 1:26, that Humans are made in His Image and we were made to be like Him. And that we’ll reign over everything on this earth.

Could it be that we are to blame for the shape that the world is in? We are Gods Harvesters. He has called us to work. To pour into His Children, our brothers and sisters. Yet we just have become silent all for the cause of not offending people. Because to love like Jesus you can’t offend anyone. Y’all, Jesus was not a people pleaser, He was a truth speaker (as my brother says).

How can we expect the world to be all she was created to be, if we don’t shine the light God has given us. He is using us. He put us in charge of being the change He wants to see in the world. And we have to do it together. But that’s only gonna happen if you step out as if you are possibly the only one to step out.

Once you are saved, you have a target on your back. Because Satan doesn’t want the Kingdom of Heaven to rise up. He doesn’t want people to know that God loves them. Cause even he knows that when God gets ahold of you, you are filled up with everything you could possibly desire. You have it all when you are with God. He is the answer to every question you will ever have. He will give you all the answers you need and want. He chooses you. He chose US, to be MADE in HIS IMAGE and to be His Workers.

Here are two things Jesus said:

  1. Consider the cost before you follow Me.
  2. Feed My Sheep.

Consider the cost before you follow Me: Are you willing to pay the price it takes to be in a relationship with others Him and to be the one He uses to make a change? You can lose friends, family, things all because you choose Him over everything else. Because He is everything. But, since He is everything and is the God of impossible, you will have all your needs met. He has chosen humans to be His Workers. And as a song by Bethel Music says, “He has made a way for us. Born for glory out of dust.” It doesn’t make any sense but that’s the best part and how you know it’s true! Because love doesn’t make sense, it just loves.

Feed My Sheep: Are you going to feed His Sheep? Are you going to step out and be the light He has called you to be? Are going to make your tidal wave of change He has called you to make? Are you going to ignite the flame you are called to set ablaze or are you going to just let it pass you by? I am begging you to step out and do what He has called you to do. Because we need you to step out. We need to get louder as Christians, blaring out love the way Jesus did. And blare it out until we can’t anymore and then we dance it out and stomp our feet to give Satan a headache. Because are Children who will not stop screaming until the whole world hears Jesus’ Name. Because there are too many chains that still need to broken. There are too many lost souls for us to wishing it’s time for us to go home. Wake up Christians, your brothers and sisters may die and burn forever. Won’t you feed His Sheep? Won’t you be the change? Won’t you be used by Him?

We can make a change only if we’ll raise our voices and step out. I also have good news for you!!

If you suffer from:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  •  Other Mental Illnesses
  • Stumbling Over Your Words
  • Addictions
  • Insecurities
  • Cutting
  • Drinking
  • Drugs

Then you are going to make a change! That’s right, you can also make a change. Satan is using those things to shut up and keep you away from God. But why? Because you have a message that can free some people from his lies. He targets only those that will stand in the way of his plans.

So keep on pressing into Jesus. Keep on seeking healing. You will be used in due time! Because we are all the Fathers workers. Designed and created for specific work.

God could come back at any time. He could come right before I finish typing this. But that doesn’t mean that we should stop doing His Work. Instead it should be insensitive to keep pushing through.

We can be the change. We can start the biggest revivals in history, if we’ll only step out and speak.

Are you willing? Are you ready? I pray you are.

Xo. —💙 U.C. 


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