STOP settling for second BEST

I had everything planned out for this new series we are doing. The same one I am writing this blog post in: “God knows. Why don’t we?” And it was only supposed to have like 3 in it. But sometimes God comes in and wrecks your plans and there comes up another blog post you should do on a topic you hadn’t planned to do. So here I am, typing this on my iPhone. The latest post in this series, letting God lead and pray it touches hearts. But not just a punch of hearts, no, I pray it touches the ONE heart God had in mind with laying this on my heart.

Have you ever had room temperature water in your mouth? Like you leave water out for awhile without no ice in it and it just turns room tempature, not too cold, not too hot, but room temperature or lukewarm have you ever had that in your mouth? It is the most horrible thing to taste in your mouth that you run to the sink and spit it out. It is gross y’all. Ick.

Have you ever had a friend be partly loyal to you and partly loyal to someone else? So like you both have this mutual friend and then you get in argument so your friend is put in the middle. Now you know this friend doesn’t fully have your back or the other persons back. So ultimately they have one foot in your corner, one foot out. And they have one foot in that persons corner and one foot out. They are split. They won’t speak up because they don’t want to hurt their reputation with either one or have either one of you feel bad. Now they stay in the state of being y’all’s lukewarm friend. They’re not all in (hot). They’re not fully out (cold). They’re lukewarm. Personally, I would want a true friend to speak the truth if it’s my fault or the other persons fault and to speak some truth over us. The worst kind of friend is someone who one who stays on the ground of being lukewarm. Would you keep someone around who is like that?

When I was little and I heard about lukewarm Christians I would get freaked out. I gasped inside and asked myself “Am I a lukewarm Christian?” Ultimately at that time I wasn’t old enough to fully grasp what it meant in all detail. But I did grasp onto something that the pastor said “If you believe in Jesus and claim Him as your Savior then you shall be saved.” So there was my relief! Thank you Jesus I am not lukewarm. 🙌🏼

Honestly, up until yesterday when God placed this upon my heart, I did not really fully understand lukewarm fully. Well I did, but I didn’t know how to put it into words for me to grasp onto and explain it to people.

I have seen so many people start out good and they’re all in for Jesus. I mean it’s “JESUS JESUS … JESUS!!!” and that’s so beautiful to watch every time. But slowly, ever so slightly, you watch as they turn so far from that it makes you feel like an arrow has went through your soul. Your sister and brother in Christ, have just went back to the former things they used to do. But…but they still go “JESUS JESUS JESUS” yet, there foot is still in their old life. They are using their salvation as a jail free card. However, this jail free card they decide to constantly renew. They keep limping through life, smiling, thinking it’s all good. When no it’s not all good.

The beautiful and perfect Lamb came down to free us from these chains that have held us down for so long. From the sin that makes it so hard for you to fully commit to things and do good. Jesus freed you from that. And Satan all he wants you to do, is be all out of love with Jesus. Tell Jesus no. Or to be lukewarm, limping and struggling all through life. To keep your foot on the path that leads you to go back to the things you did before you met Jesus. The thief cometh to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus comes to fill you up and allow you to live life to the full.

Life with Jesus is the beginning to being filled up. And having deep desires you crave fulfilled. That’s what it’s about. All your dreams can come true. If you’ll just decide to be all in. All in with Jesus. 110%+ plus with Jesus. No matter what comes my way I’m not gonna go to my old ways or keep that direction hotline in my back pocket, to go back to my former life. I’m all in with Jesus.

Quit settling for second best. Quit keeping one foot in and one foot out. This isn’t easy-peasy-hokey-pokey. This is your life and after life at stack here.

Worthy overcomer, JESUS loves YOU!! And He is waiting for you to come to Him all in for the first time or once again. Please, quit settling for second best, when you deserve the best!!

—Xo. 💙 U.C.


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